Kamus 2.03

Publisher’s description of Kamus


Kamus is an English-Indonesian Dictionary and vice versa. It’s small but contain more than 41.000 English and 35.000 Indonesian word and 64.000 phrase. Has two main features Compact Mode and Smart Find. CompactMode (Click on the Top Right icon) is design to help translate when reading. You only select word and copy [Ctrl+C] and if Options Use Clipboard Text is Checked kamus will translate it for you. Smart find will usable in compact mode. It will find the related / correct word. You can find others useful smart search, for example: developers; developer programming; program driving; drive completely; complete programs; program dried; dry programmed; program etc. So you don’t need to select the word char by char, just double click the word and copy/ Ctrl+C, Kamus will translated it. Version 2 redesign the Interface-Add many new words-Add phrase-Add or define new words-Help file.

Version 2.03 adds hint information, and options to auto remove non alpha character.

DOWNLOAD HERE  By Ebta Setiawan


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